Cool Off with a Chlorine Free Pool

Tired of being a chemist? Sick of paying a local pool service company to chemically dose your pool or spa? Are you concerned about the toxic effect that chemicals are having on our environment? Enjoy a lifetime of chlorine free swimming.

Chlorine, a manufactured chemical, was first used to make the deadly mustard gas during the First World War Ever since chlorine was modified to be used for domestic purposes; more researchers are discovering that the Chemical Free Swimming Poolchemical poses a serious health risk to humans and the environment. Research conducted in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Australia, and Belgium has linked chlorine byproducts found in swimming pools to increased rates of bladder cancer, lung damage, asthma, stillbirths, and miscarriages.

Having your own Chlorine Free Swimming Pool is quite a luxury, particularly in our water-stressed world. But if you are going to go that route anyway, it’s encouraging to know that more Eco-friendly, healthier options are on the rise.

Is a Chlorine Free Pool Clean?

It sure is. The same copper water treatment technology is used to purify drinking water in homes across America and around the world. They have been in use on swimming pools for about 35 years and are currently in use on over 20,000 copper swimming pools worldwide. These systems are the best because of all the obvious benefits like the fact that everything on your pool lasts longer…a lot longer actually.

So you reduce the cost of replacing pumps, filters, liners, ladders, plaster, etc. because each of these items will last a lot longer if they aren’t under siege by corrosive salt or damaging chlorine. The need for high levels of chemicals is eliminated.  Also eliminated are the strong chemical odors, damaging effects on hair, skin, fabrics, liners and spa equipment. You don’t even need to shower after you swim.

Copper ionization is a safe and effective technology and is the ONLY healthy option for pools, spas, and drinking water. There is sufficient evidence that transition metal ionization is superior to other methods of disinfection. Maintaining a Chlorine Free Swimming Pool is not an easy task as there are several ways available and you need to make sure that the way which you have chosen is effective for your pool. Whatever be the type of chlorine free pool you are working with, the results will be almost the same.

Chlorine free pool cleaning can offer many benefits which are far beyond the chemical methods applied for cleaning the systems. The maintenance of chlorine free pool is far less and the total input costs involved is comparatively less.

A Winning Solution for You and Your Family

For health, environmental and aesthetic reasons, a lot of people have expressed interest in alternatives to chlorine pools, and luckily there are more and more options to get wet without smelling like cleaning products. There are chlorine alternatives for swimming pools that treat water by pumping it through a chamber containing copper ions. Reduced chemical costs make it easier on the wallet. The money that you save by not buying harmful and expensive chemicals will eventually pay for the unit.

The health benefits to you and your family is one that you cannot put a price on. You can rest easy knowing your chlorine free pool is being sanitized even when you are not home. Your eyes won’t burn like fire every time you go under water. The health benefits of copper are well-documented. The trace mineral copper helps prevent anemia, bone and skeletal defects, a degeneration of the nervous system, defects in the color and structure of hair, reproductive problems, and abnormal cardiovascular problems. Copper is as important as calcium and zinc for bone formation, red blood cell integrity, skin and immune functions, nervous system functions, propagation of oxygen throughout the blood stream, and the conversion of beta carotene into Vitamin A. Essentially, copper is the perfect chlorine substitute!

Why Choose Chlorine Free Pools

Simply stated, anything that is added to an ionized pool is self-sacrificing and no longer remains a chemical in your pool.  For example, to lower the pH in your pool, an acid has to be added.  There is no other way to lower pH.  The acid will lower pH to the desired level and then it has totally sacrificed itself in the lowering process.  More scientifically, the hydrogen ions (H+) in the acid (acids have a heavy hydrogen concentration) will combine with the hydroxide radicals (OH-) that make up alkalinity.  H + OH = H2O or water.

Therefore, you now have a Chlorine Free Swimming Pool. Copper Ionization for pool systems are the choice for anyone seeking alternatives to chlorine, salt, bromine and Bacquacil. In addition to being “Green”, additional benefits include economic chemical savings in excess of 90% during “open” pool season and up to 100% during “closed” pool season.

Mineral ionization gives you freedom from toxic pool water, burning eyes, faded swim suits, allergic reactions, dry skin, sticky dry hair and the high cost of chemicals. But perhaps one of the most significant factors is that plants can thrive in the water mist from ionized systems while chlorinated spray will destroy them.

In addition, water sufficiently chlorinated to prevent algae is going to be corrosive and etch the fountain surfaces and equipment. Consequently, the operating cost differences between chlorine and ionization are significant.

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